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Our Vision
Innovative solutions to rural living. For a  life lived fully in Far East Gippsland

We Use Innovation to Build Rural Resilience

Together We Imagine The Future


Coworking and collaboration


Lifelong Learning

Rural entrepreneurship

Welcome to our Wilderness (Pop-Up) Workspace

While we continue to build our permanent home, we are open three days a week in a cheery space behind the Bendigo Bank. Rear of Shop 2/57 Maurice Avenue. Mallacoota. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Drop in. Or email

Excellent and affordable pop-up rates. $10 for a speedy session.  $20 a day.

What We Offer


Co-working desks, a Zoom pod (the cone of silence) printer, lockers, high-speed internet, mega TV screen for presentations, great colleagues and much more.

Coworking space


With our awesome partners at the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship, we will be offering incubator and start-up programs to help all members of the community create sustainable social enterprises. Register your interest if you have a great idea.

Capacity Building


We have two dedicated study desks for students wanting to escape the noise of home. We're actively seeking university, TAFE and other lifelong learning partners to expand your options in Far East Gippsland without hours of travel or leaving home altogether.

Study Hub

About Us

The Wilderness Collective exists to facilitate and lead a self-determined and sustainable future in Far East Gippsland, Victoria. We are doing this through the catalysts of social enterprise, education and co-working and community collaboration. The Wilderness Workspace is our home for coworking desks, private Zoom meetings, study in a space with support all around you, high-speed internet, printers, computers and more. 

Upcoming Events

 We have a full and exciting schedule of workshops, mentoring, tailored pathways to help you find the meaningul work of your choice, a desmystifying rural entrepreneurship series, social enterprise incubator and much more. To find out more email

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